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A major tourist destination, bordered by Myanmar to the west,  Malaysia to the south,  Cambodia to the southeast and Laos or northwest, Thailand is a must-see jewel of Southeast Asia. With a population and area comparable to metropolitan France (68.3 million inhabitants on 514,000 km²), Thailand stretches from the Malay Peninsula to the massifs along the Burmese border in the north. As one of the newly industrialized countries, one of the “Asian Tigers”, the Thai economy is mainly based on mass tourism and the export of manufactured goods. We can only be charmed by coming to visit this country, but here’s the thing: what to do in Thailand?

Best spots to Discover in thailand

Chiang mai

What to do in Thailand if you don’t like the beaches where Western tourists accumulate? Climb to the north of the country, into the mountains and visit Chiang Mai. It should be noted that a large community of expatriates and / or Western nomadic workers, including French people has settled there. We went there in 2013 during a first trip to Thailand and Chiang Mai is for us one of the most beautiful sites to explore to visit Thailand


It will surely be your gateway to Thailand: the Thai capital is a megalopolis of 19.5 million inhabitants that never sleeps. The city has more than 400 Buddhist temples and is a singular blend – as often in Asia – of tradition and modernity.

chiang rai

Located in the mountains north of Chiang Mai,  Chiang Rai seduces trekking and mountain lovers. To discover more authenticity in northern Thailand, this is the place to go. Chiang Rai has 70,000 inhabitants and is home to the famous “white temple”, Wat Rong Khun to discover during a  guided tour of the city, an excursion full of promises and discoveries.

Koh Pha Ngan

Visiting Thailand without going to the southern islands is still a shame.  Koh Pha Ngan delights partygoers who come to Haad Rin for the  Full Moon Party on the beach, but it is not the true face of the island. Located in the Gulf of Thailand off Surat Thani, Koh Pha Ngan is a tropical paradise to visit.

It is recommended to rent a scooter to travel the island freely but beware of accidents because the roads are rather dangerous. The beaches, paradisiacal – we loved the village of  Ban Chalok Lam and its very quiet beach -, in the north of the island. The Ang Thong reserve consists of about forty virgin islets, essential if you have time.

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