Discover Monaco 

is a sovereign city-state and microstate on the French Riviera a few kilometres west of the Italian region of Liguria, in Western Europe, on the Mediterranean Sea.

Landlocked in the heart of the Côte d’Azur, the principality is one of the privileged holiday resorts of the Jet-Set.

Super Yacht, palaces and big engines are legion. Known for its Formula 1 Grand Prix or for its tennis tournament, Monaco is also a city full of history and charm, where the Grimaldi family has reigned for hundreds of years.

But then what should be discovered in the principality? We offer you an overview of what to visit in Monaco.

Best spots to Discover in monaco

The Casino de Monte-Carlo

Visiting Monaco also means going to the Casino! Designed by  Charles Garnier in 1879, the Monte-Carlo casino is as magnificent as it is prestigious.

Eldorado of the game with the architectural style Belle Epoque, this place has made the fortune of many players of the principality, but it is also renowned for the beauty of its salons. Do not miss its theater-opera, which is really worth a look.

The rock

The beating heart of the city, the Rock is located on the heights of Monaco. With its pretty houses dating from the 16th to the 18th century, its alleys and ramparts, this district will dazzle you with its beauty.

A timeless visit, which will allow you to discover, among others, the Chapel of the Visitation, the Cathedral and the Palace. You can also admire the breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Monte-Carlo district

Located east of the Gaumates valley, Monte-Carlo is the most famous place in Monaco. And therefore an essential step when you come to visit Monaco. Monte-Carlo is synonymous with luxury and abundance, and is often considered a territory in its own right.

It is actually a district integrated into the city of Monaco, which has about fifteen thousand inhabitants. Discover its sumptuous villas and gigantic buildings, as well as its many buildings of interest: its Casino, its Opera and the Hotel de l’Hermitage, simply fabulous.

the Prince’s Palace

to visit Monaco is to make a must through the Prince’s Palace. Official residence of the Prince since 1927, the Palace of Monaco overlooks the Mediterranean and perfectly expresses the grandeur of the Grimaldi family. This building has a fascinating history, and was besieged and bombed by many foreign armies.

It is also the symbol of the principality’s influence on the Côte d’Azur. Take advantage of the changing of the prince’s carabinieri, a ceremony set like music paper.

Monaco helicopter tour

If you want to admire Monaco in panorama, you can do things big! For this, there is nothing better than a helicopter tour over the principality.

For about ten minutes, you will fly over all the luxury of the Rock, its main places of interest, but also its surroundings, such as La Turbie or Roquebrune. A fantastic setting, therefore, for a baptism.


While strolling through the principality and especially on the marina, you will not fail to notice the many boats that invite you to a cruise!

You can choose to  rent one to take your own little walk and stop wherever you want! Thus, you will have the opportunity to discover the Monegasque landscape in another way, from the sea.

With or without a license, with the help of a skipper or not, you will undoubtedly spend one of the best afternoons of your stay!

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