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London is one of the most visited cities in the world and is known for being a tourist city and a major financial centre with many major banks. Rich in history and culture, the city is full of iconic landmarks, including the famous Tower Bridge and the magnificent Big Ben. Not to mention the gastronomy with its thousands of bars and restaurants spread throughout the city and serving almost all the cuisines of the world. Come and discover the most beautiful museum in the world or head to Buckingham Palace, the official residence of Queen Elizabeth.

Best spots to Discover in London

the big ben 

Big Ben is to London what the  Eiffel Tower is to  Paris: the emblematic symbol of the city! So if you are looking for what to do in London, no doubt, come and admire this impressive clock more than 100 meters high, in the continuity of the magnificent Palace of Westminster, also called Houses of Parliament.


In total, London has no less than 240          museums. This is to say if there is a choice! And the majority of them are free.

The hardest thing will be to make a choice.

Among the most famous and unmissable museums to do in London, you will find:

  • The  British Museum, certainly the most popular in the city, or the National Gallery, which has 2,300 paintings.
  • Are you more into contemporary art? So don’t miss the  Tate Modern, a real gem of modern art spread over 7 floors, the fabulous Saatchi Gallery or the Design Museum.

London Tower Bridge.

London’s second symbolic monument: London Tower Bridge. This weighbridge is the most sophisticated in the world. It is recognizable by its two huge Gothic-style towers and blue frames. It is possible to visit it, but crossing it, or admiring it from the Thames at nightfall will be more than enough to amaze you.

Westminster Abbey

Here again, it is an emblem of the city. A true symbol of the British monarchy, it is here that all important coronations take place: weddings, coronations or state funerals. Westminster Abbey is a splendid building, to be admired from the outside or to visit.

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