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Kyrgyzstan is a Central Asian country , with a wild and very preserved nature. The territory is 80% covered by mountains making it a destination of choice for trekking enthusiasts. Many come here to hike in the heart of the Celestial Mountains, a paradise that is home to many high peaks, several of which culminate at more than 7000 meters above sea level. Kyrgyz landscapes have a thousand faces: desert highlands, huge steppes, glaciers, canyons, and emerald lakes. Populated by semi-nomads, your trip to Kyrgyzstan will be an opportunity to discover this rich culture and its welcoming people.
So find out where to go in Kyrgyzstan with our selection of places to visit and our tourist map.


Bishkek the capital will be your place of arrival during a trip to Kyrgyzstan. The city is often neglected by travelers because it is often considered uninteresting. If there was only one place to see in Bishkek it would be the Osh Bazaar, the liveliest place in the capital. A huge labyrinth of stalls and stalls that remains the ideal place to meet the locals and soak up the local atmosphere.

Ala-Archa National Park

Located 40 kilometers south of Bishkek, Ala-Archa National Park is a must-see place in Kyrgyzstan for nature lovers. In this unique and preserved environment mingle beautiful green valleys, rivers and waterfalls. The hiking routes are numerous, both for beginners and for more experienced people who can for example climb to the Ak-Sai glacier.

Song Kul Lake

Located northwest of Naryn, in the heart of the Celestial Mountains, Lake Song Kul is reputed to be the most beautiful in Kyrgyzstan. The arrival at the lake is through a two-day hike on foot or on horseback.

Song Kol Lake is a classic destination for horse trekking in Kyrgyzstan, and one of the most popular travel destinations overall for international tourists. The Kyzart Pass route is the most popular multi-day horse trekking trailhead, offering an insight into rural life in the mountains and then reaching Son Kul by a panoramic pass with incredible mountain views in both directions

Lake Issyk-Kul

Located in the north-east of Kyrgyzstan, Lake Issyk-Kul is a true wonder of nature. Its 182 kilometers long and 60 kilometers wide make it the second largest mountain lake in Central Asia. A paved road allows you to go around it without too much difficulty. You can make many stops along the way and discover picturesque villages, beaches, and countless hiking trails.


Karakol is an essential stop on a trip to Kyrgyzstan. The city is the starting point for the Karakol Valley, a must-see for hiking enthusiasts. You will find many restaurants and hotels as well as a few shops to buy or rent trekking equipment. The routes are numerous in the heart of the valley and the breathtaking landscapes. Along the way you will discover immense plains, green valleys, forests, lakes and high snow-capped peaks.


Located a few kilometers southwest of Karakol, the Jety-Öguz Valley is one of the jewels of Kyrgyzstan. Considered one of the most beautiful natural spaces in the country, this valley is also a source of legends and stories. It is particularly famous for its rocks called The Seven Bulls, seven of huge red rocks aligned which offers an unusual and enchanting landscape. The Broken Heart is another much-loved geological wonder. The valley offers multiple hiking opportunities in a wild and preserved environment.

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