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Located in East Asia and separated from the continent by the seas of Japan and China, Japan attracts, because it is both reassuring and exotic. Mixing Western codes and Japanese lifestyle, city effervescence and inner calm, ultra-modernity and tradition, apparent rigor and openness, Japan is accessible for the least experienced travelers and confusing for others.Japan is the eleventh most populous country in the world, as well as one of the most densely populated and urbanized.

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Located less than an hour from Osaka and  Kyoto, Nara is an essential stop that will satisfy more than one. Visiting  Nara is an opportunity to mix culture and nature.

Come to the origins of Japan, to contemplate the bronze Big Buddha of the huge  Todai-Ji temple. At the bend of an alley, do not be surprised to come across deer. They live freely in the park and will not hesitate to come and greet you!


Japan’s third largest city and a major metropolis in Kansai,  Osaka is a vibrant and endearing city. It is a good introduction for those visiting Japan for the first time.

Culture lovers can admire Osaka’s beautiful castle or visit  Shumiyoshi Taisha Shinto Shrine on a charming tram.

To feel the special atmosphere of the city and taste the local specialties, you can stroll through the Shinsekai, Namba and Dontonbori districts, not forgetting to stop by the  Kuromon Iriba market


Another metropolis on the island of Honshu, Nagoya is different from its Japanese counterparts. More peaceful than Osaka or Tokyo, Nagoya deserves a look at it other than to change trains.

The city has a singular beauty that must be appreciated. Between its giant green Buddha and Oasis 21, a monument in the shape of a space shuttle, or its metallic TV Tower, Nagoya will surprise more than one traveler! On a more conventional note, you can visit the beautiful Hommaru Palace, elegant gardens, multiple temples or simply stroll through  the districts of Nagoya.


It is impossible to visit Japan without making a stop in  Kyoto! Former imperial capital and cultural metropolis par excellence, it is difficult to choose which temple or palace to visit, as they are so numerous and sumptuous! From the Golden Pavilion, to the  Fushimi-Inari Shrine or the Nijo Castle, you can’t be disappointed.

Don’t leave the city without getting lost in the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest or strolling through the streets of the traditional Gion district. If you’re afraid of crowds, Kyoto has the advantage of being an airy city, surrounded by beautiful hills, from which many hiking trails start.

During the fall, the red leaves of the maple trees give a special character to Kyoto and its surroundings.

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