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Is a transcontinental country spanning the northeast corner of Africa and southwest corner of Asia Egypt is a fascinating destination for history, culture, and adventure lovers, but it also requires careful planning and preparation before you travel.


It is difficult to visit Egypt without spending at least one day visiting its capital, Cairo. You can start by climbing the Cairo  Tower to get a panoramic view of the city, walk through the Old City, get lost in the maze of Souk  Khan al-Khalili and spend a good part of the day at the fantastic  Cairo Museum, where you will be able to perfect your knowledge of the ancient world. And it is from Cairo that you will be able to discover the pyramids of the Giza plateau.


The Giza plateau, not far from Cairo, includes the 3 pyramids of CheopsKhafre and Mykerinos. These were built about 200 years after Saqquarah and are of smooth type. It is here that you can see the famous and imposing Sphinx.

It is possible to enter inside the pyramids to go to the burial chamber. You will have to walk bent over in the gallery that leads to it, but the impression is striking, do not miss it!


The alley of the  Sphynx already makes you dizzy, and you feel really small at the foot of the huge columns of the court of  Ramses II and the monumental statues of the famous sovereign.

He completed the site laid out by his predecessor  Amenophis III, whose courtyard is also visited as well as the temple and the birthing chambers and offerings, as well as the Chapel of Ensigns. A must during any visit to Egypt!


More than a temple,  Karnak is a huge religious complex, whose construction took place over more than 2,000 years. The city contained all the buildings necessary for the life of the servants of the supreme deity.

The visit takes you back in time, because over the centuries, buildings have been destroyed to erect new ones. At the entrance, the first pylon already imposes with its 113 m of façade. Plan at least 2h30 of visit to admire the templescolonnadesobelisks and shrines, all more imposing than the others.


Most of the sites to visit in Egypt are along the Nile or Red Sea, but the desert also holds wonders. The most spectacular is probably the  white desert.

Seeing these sparkling white limestone concretions emerge in the middle of a sea of ochre-colored sand is an unforgettable scene. Make sure you have enough space on your photo card, because you will want to immortalize these rocks that take fantastic shapes.


The highlight of any visit to Egypt is, without a doubt, the discovery of the main sites from a boat gliding on the Nile. From one day to more than 3 weeks, Nile cruises are an opportunity to admire and visit the most beautiful places in Egypt.

You can leave Cairo or more probably Luxor, to discover Karnak, the Valleys of Kings and Queens, Aswan, Abu Simbel and sleep aboard a comfortable cabin.

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